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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.



Adding the number of comments to the grid in the Ideas list doesn't actually display the number of comments.
When I use the Customize option to add Comments (which is supposedly the number of comments) to the Ideas grid, the number of comments doesn't actually display. Has anyone else had this problem? See below - the second idea actually has 5 comments, but the grid doesn't indicate that. < https
Team room Columns
Hi, I work at an organisation that uses VersionOne, and we have multiple projects and multiple teams, hence multiple team rooms. The thing is that we have different requirements for the team rooms but I can not find anyway to have multiple team rooms where the columns differ. How in earth do
Print User Story
Can I print a user story? I want to print the user story after opening it from the taskboard.
How to tell if a story has been removed from an epic?
I'm working on an integration with VersionOne. I would like to query for Epics which have changed. Unfortunately, the Epic's change date doesn't get updated when a story has been added or removed from the epic. The Story's change date is updated, so I can go through all the stories and get the l
How to reload stories displayed as modal?
From the TeamRoom view, if I click on a story it pops up in a modal view. This is fine, but unlike many other areas of the interface (e.g. backlog pane, storyboard pane) there's no refresh icon to click to pull in new changes. Reloading the page in the browser simply takes me back to the parent
How do I move Closed user stories to another project?
I'm working with a customer who has been using Version One on a program since September. They've been unable to get a lot of traction. We just did Release Planning with them and defined MVP for an upcoming release. However, we want the previous work to show up in our Release (sub project). W
Ideas URL
I may be missing something obvious, but how do I find the URL to my Ideas feature? I have Ultimate edition, Ideas are enabled. I have forums defined and even an idea posted. But that was long ago.
VersionOne Spring 2015 Release is Now Available
Hello, The VersionOne Spring 2015 Release is now available. The release includes new features such as Performance Scorecards to visually track software development progress and Communities to promote agile best practices across organ
Reporting - Getting "Orphaned" WorkItems
We are trying to determine what items in the backlog are "orphaned". Essentially, any User Story or Defect that does not currently have a corresponding Issue or Epic now needs to in our system. For Epics, it's not as difficult, we can just get a list where there's no value in the WorkitemDeta
Activating Ideas in Ultimate Trial
Hi, I have started an Ultimate Edition trial as we evaluating for our business. How do I activate the "Ideas" feature? We would like to expose to our customers. Thanks Chris
Import "Acceptance Criteria"
I want to import a large number of user stories into V1 as backlog items and everything imports OK except "Acceptance Criteria" field which is a field of the backlog item. I understand I need to make the import spreadsheet's column title match the SYSTEM NAME of this field but I don't know what
Reverting to Prior Backlog Version
Is there any way to revert to a prior version of a backlog item without having to copy and past the individual components from the History Tab?
Custom Fields - Defining a Default Value
I have multiple Custom Fields where I would like to define a default value. Is this possible and if so how? Thanks!
How do I see the number of hours in an epic?
I am creating a project, with epics which include stories which include tasks. I have estimated the number of hours in each task for capacity planning. When I click on a story I can see the total hours for the tasks in that story. How can I see the total hours for the tasks in an epic?
Can I export 'Blocking Defect ID(s)' field when exporting the backlog?
Hi, another question! Is it possible to export a 'Blocking Defect ID(s)' when exporting the backlog? Many thanks, Glenn

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