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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.


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Hi everyone In MyWork:  If I look at Owned Tasks or Owned Test, should they not appear sorted according to the ranked order of the BL items? The Work Item Summary appears in the order I expect, it matches the Story Board and sprint Detail Tracking order.  But I cannot figure out what is driving th
VersionOne Winter 2014 Product Release Now Available
Hello, The VersionOne Winter 2014 release is now available.  Focused on High Level Release Planning Made Easier, this release enables program-level discussions with stakeholders about their release strategy, how each feature fits into the strategic initiatives behind it and how features should be p
Reports: Epic Count in Epic Board
Hi All, I am 'trying ' to find a report in VersionOne that would give me the following: Epic Count in Epic Board Column.  How many Epics exist within each Column :  None / Backlog / Development / Roll Out /Performance Reporting. I'm sure many of you would like to generate the same report for trac
Exporting Attachments
Is there a way to export all attachments and have a list of which attachment was associated to specific stories? Looking for an automated method. We use the hosted version of V1.
How to feed JUnit results to VersionOne
Hi, Is there an API which can associate JAVA JUnit tests with tasks created in VersionOne, and automatically add test cases to VersionOne and update test results? I am aware of an Eclipse plugin for VersionOne, which allows these steps done manually, but I am looking for a way to automate these step
Adding multiple custom items to Planning Room and Analytics Dashboard
Hi, I created two custom reports and analytic grid items and need to add all of them to both the Planning Room and Analytics Dashboard. The “Add Panel” tool seems to only allow addition of one item. How do I add multiple items to either the Planning Room or Analytics Dashboard? Thanks
API Last Updated
Is there a way to retrieve only Stories that have been updated in last 10 days via API , looking for last updated timestamp
Create tickets from email?
I would like to create an email address for my external users to submit feature requests.  How (or can I) create an email address that version one will use to automatically create a ticket? Thanks for your help, Brian
Sprint Create and close
Hi all I have a user that I am trying to set up to be able to manage sprints. I have set him up as Project Admin on the project in question.  But he is still unable to close or create sprints ( Sprint Planning - Sprint Scheduling). Before I send this to V1 support, I wanted to see if anyone had s
VersionOne Fall 2013 Product Release Now Available
Hello, The VersionOne Fall 2013 release is now available.  Focusing on Scaling Agile Made Easier, this release unveils PlanningRoom Reporting, additional SAFe(tm) Metrics and enhanced epic breakdown. Highlights include: *         PlanningRoom Reporting provides program managers with the means to
Tasks To Do field is not editable
Help - I am new to Version One and can not figure out why when I create a new task, the To Do field is not editable. I am sure it is a configuration value somewhere, but I haven't found it. File is attached.
Backing out incorrect to do entries
For a task, a developer accidently entered 1500 left in the to do column instead of 15.  He immediately corrected it , but that number was added to the total number of hours for the sprint and the burndown chart is elevated by 1485. See attachment. Thanks
Global Resource View
Hi, I have been looking through the resource topics on here and most seem to be per project.  I am looking for a view that shows every resource across projects and their allocated hours.  Your visualization shows that you can have heat maps of sorts but I do not see resource heat maps.  I want an ov

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