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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.



V1 Error: URL Prefix must have the form http(s)://hostname
When I try to edit the URL prefix in the following way under Administration->configuration->System, it throws the following error. -- Error:URL Prefix must have the form http(s)://hostname -- URL Entered Format : http(s)://versionone.xx.yy.zz.com/abc -- Version used::
Deep link to specific Product Backlog
Is it possible to get a link to a specific Product Backlog? I want to create a link on our intranet which will link to a specific Product Backlog inside VersionOne. (everyone has access to that backlog etc.) From inspecting the element I found a unique ID for the project, from what I can see.
Problem with the V1 installer.
There's .net framework installed. Yet, exception is thrown anyway. It's tested on Win10 with IIS installed for test purpose.
Use VersionOne to track progress against Corporate Goals?
My leadership has asked if we can track progress against our 2016 corporate goals in VersionOne. The end goal is a dashboard that will show progress (e.g. our Communications dept. is 73% done with their 2016 goals). I do not know how to build the Initiative/Story/Task structure so that we can
Changing Initial Screen
Can someone please tell me how to change the screen that I initially see after I login or access our Version One site (I'm not sure if that's the correct term)? Before the update, I was always taken to the screen where I had last been when I accessed Version One. Now I get to a screen that
Report on Workitems with Open Issues
Hi, I'm am trying to generate a report (custom) to get a list of all work items within specific projects that currently have open issues (blocking issues) assigned to them. How can I do that? Additionally, is there anything within the canned reports that would give me this info? Thanks,
New V1 tester need helps with tests.
Hi all, I am new to V1 as a tester, I have written my tests in a User Story for last Sprint. The User Story was closed but I need to recover my tests and add them to another User Story and some of them for later. Is there a way to do that? For the moment, I copied the closed User Story so
Integrate Versionone with Stash
Hi, I am a part of SCM team in a big software company. Here, we are using Versionone for defect tracking and Stash for source code management. I have got a requirement to integrate the commits in Stash to be integrated with VersionOne stories under Changeset section. Could you someone please
# of days in a column
We've setup a Kanban board and see the handy clock icon on the story to check on the number of days a story has been in a particular column. But, it looks like it is counting weekends. Is there any way to configure it to not count weekends? Thanks, Betty ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Two projects in 1 sprint, w 1 story board, but 2 project burndown and velocities
We have two "projects" running at one time for our team. Each project has its own release planning and burn down charts. However, the team works the stories together within the same sprint. The issue is we have to have two sprints open in order to have accurate burn down charts. What we do now
How do I setup a mixed-use Kanban team in VersionOne?
Hello V1 Users, I’m setting up my “IT Operations” team in V1 using Kanban. I'm looking for recommendations on how to do this given the following conditions: The team has 4 developers who do different kinds of work, all of which fall under the “IT Ops” umbrella. For example, one guy is focused
Filtering by target date
Is it possible to create a filter for the target date field? Thanks, Tracy
Access control for Communities
Hi, I would like to use the community feature in VersionOne now that we have upgraded. I have customers whol log in and want to be able to store internal only information here. Is it possible to restrict the communities from customers? Kind regards, Gary
Publishing a vew of a team room to people in my organization who don't have licenses
Does anyone know if I can publish a view of a team room to people in my organization who don't have v1 licenses? We have a dev ops room and people are always asking where their ticket is in priority order. would be so much nicer to point them to a place where they could look instead of taking
Modifying skeleton.css - Ideas Forum
I would like to change the CSS on the Ideas Forum template so that the forum template presented to users is more in line with our branding. I when inspecting the code, I found this path: https://www5.v1ideas.com/CompanyName/content/skeleton.css

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