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Error when importing template
Hello! I am trying to use Version One for Personal use, using the Team license which is free. Once I signed up and entered my portal, I immedialty, downloaded the template (Basic_Backlog_Import_Template.xls) to upload my Stories and Tasks. Since I am using the Team license, I am only allowed
attachments missing when generating regression test set
Hi All, When i generate a regression test set in a Test Suite in Regression Planning, the attachments are missing. Did any one face this issue? Please help check. Thanks & Regards, Sudheer
Custom Graph - Planned vs. Unplanned work per sprint
Has anyone had success building a custom report that shows the Planned work vs. the Unplanned work sprint over sprint? If so, how did you go about building that report? Thanks in advance!
Inserting html into description field
When I create a new task, the task form has two fields that accept rich format such as insert table , add a link etc. All seem to be done using html. However, I would like to add a html table via cut and paste rather than use the table tool provided and then copy/paste each individual cell. Thi
Generate Regression Tests in Bulk
Hi, When a user story is about to be closed, we are moving all the test cases to Regression Tests by clicking on 'Generate Regression Test' one by one test case. Is there any way, we can "Generate Regression Tests" all the test cases of a user story at a time and not individually? Thanks &
Getting VersionOne Backlog ID Links in Reports
Hi All, I'm pretty sure this has been done (and maybe I've seen a post on this somewhere, but can't find it), but I would like to create reports that include the VersionOne DisplayID AND the link associated with that backlog ID. I know that you can create dynamic links like this: https://www
How do I see how long a card has been in a column?
Is this possible? I'd like to do some analysis on how long stories are spending in various columns.
Backlog export error "missing value for story.scope"
I'm trying to export the PBL items included in a given sprint to Excel. When I select that option, I get an error message saying: Server Error Type: ArgumentException Message: Cannot establish an Ambit for Story:302962 - missing value for Story.Scope I can't find a field or value named Sco
CommitStream is Generally Available
We are excited to announce that CommitStream is now generally available. Learn more about CommitStream here: What is CommitStream? Regards, Lisa Hagin http://www.versionone.com
The Open in New Tab links in Video Library is wrong linked.
https://f1.community.versionone.com/Help-Center/Videos/Strategic_Themes https://f1.community.versionone.com/Help-Center/Videos/Estimably
import tests to regression tests by excel
We have huge set of regression test cases in excel spreadsheets. we want to upload all these tests to Versionone. Is there a way to upload/import tests from excel to regression tests of versionone? any help or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Sudheer
Analytics Filter by Current User Or Current Sprint Or Current Release
I am building some custom dashboards and reports for our teams and need to filter by the Current User Logged into the system. In using other ALM tools there was an ability to use this type of reference in a filter: Owner = CurrentUser. Is there any call in Version One to do the same where I
Analytics - Filter by Current User Or Current Sprint Or Current Release
I am trying to build some custom reports and dashboards where we can filter by the Current User Or the Current Sprint or the Current Release. In some of the Agile Lifecycle Management tools, there was code like the following: Owner = CurrentUser This will filter out all results by the User l
Using Estimate for Burndown and Velocity calculations (not To-Dos)
Hello, We are using a very traditional Scrum process without lots of effort tracking. We are using the Estimate field (Fibonacci level of difficulty) and nothing else. We do not track developers detailed to-do progress; only whether or not the story is not started, in progress, or done. Cu
Adding the number of comments to the grid in the Ideas list doesn't actually display the number of comments.
When I use the Customize option to add Comments (which is supposedly the number of comments) to the Ideas grid, the number of comments doesn't actually display. Has anyone else had this problem? See below - the second idea actually has 5 comments, but the grid doesn't indicate that. < https

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