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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.



Gantt Chart of Release based upon Portfolio Item Planned Begin/Planned End Dates
Hi, I'm sure I have seen a Gantt chart of a release based upon dates of portfolio items, but I can't find it. What I want to do is to communicate our progress through our roadmap, at a release level. The quarter or month views of roadmap don't do what I want, because I want to see the start
Creating a new project heirarchy : Should I go for sub projects or Releases?
Hi there, We are doing product developments which means that we have multiple releases along the lifecycle of the product and our release frequency is pretty small.This means that each Release is run as a different project. While building this heirarchy in VersionOne , I now have two options -
Story Card Content when printing
I really like to story card format delivered by version one but every time I print it seems I have too much text between the story and acceptance criteria to fit on one card when printing despite there being plenty of white space where the text ends. Has anyone experienced and figured out how
Reporting or pulling status details
Hi there, I am wanting to report on things like cycle time and cumulative flow as well as some other custom reports. I am able to get some of the base data by creating a tabular report based on "work items". The part I'm missing is the status or workflow details such as how long an item was in
Changing Hours Worked?
On a task, I mistakenly entered 22 hours instead of 2 hours. Is there any way to change Hours Worked? I can change estimated hours and hours left but not Hours Worked. Thanks.
Freeze columns in team room
Is there a way to freeze the column headings (like you do in MS Excel) such that when you scroll in the team room, you can still see all of the column headings for the story/task states? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Betty Roush, PMP, Scaled Agile Framework SA 284-4984 Release Train
How to change created date for backlog items?
Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to change the added date for backlog items. What i want to achieve is that i wanna populate my backlog with past sprint items and have their burn downs. But when i add all the items and tasks and then assign them To-Do and Effort hours and then i
Verison ALM Integration
HI All, we are trying to customize the ALM integration, we got the code from GitHub. we were able to build the code but while running ServiceHost Configuration Tool project as start up we are getting Model.Setting is null error. I am sure it is some configuration setting issue in dev environme
Release Forecasting Report as gone to crap
Anyway to get to the old forecasting report? With this new forecast report I can't tell how sprints it will take. I can't start it based on a date in the future either (already hit up support about that one). It frustrates me so much I created an account just to post this. I have to calculate it
Version1 Analytics - Get respective owners of Tasks
Hello, I'm trying to get a dashboard which list the ToDo of each tasks owners. Is anybody already tried that with Version1 Analytics and custom dashboards ? It's like it's impossible to get the task owners... :( Thanks, Jean-Manuel
teams need a mix of status values
We are using SAFe, so we have divided up our projects in VO to reflect 3 month releases and 3 week sprints. This is our current layout of projects in VO: Releases FY15 Summer Release FY16 Fall Release FY16 Winter Release Currently, the teams all use the same states, so they can
V1 Error: URL Prefix must have the form http(s)://hostname
When I try to edit the URL prefix in the following way under Administration->configuration->System, it throws the following error. -- Error:URL Prefix must have the form http(s)://hostname -- URL Entered Format : http(s)://versionone.xx.yy.zz.com/abc -- Version used::
Deep link to specific Product Backlog
Is it possible to get a link to a specific Product Backlog? I want to create a link on our intranet which will link to a specific Product Backlog inside VersionOne. (everyone has access to that backlog etc.) From inspecting the element I found a unique ID for the project, from what I can see.
Problem with the V1 installer.
There's .net framework installed. Yet, exception is thrown anyway. It's tested on Win10 with IIS installed for test purpose.
Use VersionOne to track progress against Corporate Goals?
My leadership has asked if we can track progress against our 2016 corporate goals in VersionOne. The end goal is a dashboard that will show progress (e.g. our Communications dept. is 73% done with their 2016 goals). I do not know how to build the Initiative/Story/Task structure so that we can

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