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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.



VersionOne Winter 2015 Release
Hello, The VersionOne Winter 2015 Release is now available.  This release focuses on scaling agile easier through greater alignment, visibility, tracking and forecasting. ……. *Highlights include: * ·         *Strategic Themes* ·      
VersionOne [Fall 2014 Release] Now Available!
Hello, The VersionOne Fall 2014 release is now available.  This release focuses on scaling agile to the enterprise with the native CA PPM integration, SAFe™ 3.0 reporting, epic dependency, and advanced Monte Carlo simulation for project forecasting. *Highlights include: * ·         *CA PPM Integr
Reusing Test Cases?
As part of our QA Process we write test cases to be reused across user stories and over time. We write scenario based test cases to cover more areas of the application from a user perspective while still integrating the acceptance criteria defined by the Product Owner/BA. Our process requires that w
Auto-Refresh option?
We use a Team Room board to share information with multiple teams on a shared TV (multiple TVs).  Is there a way to auto-refresh the page when a change is made?  This way we don't have to go into the remote server and manually update the page after every change. Thanks,
Reusable Test Cases
Has anyone unlocked a way to reuse test cases?  I'm not talking about a regression suite, but reusing test cases on a user story basis.
Scenario Based Testing and Stand Alone Test Cases
We have just started using VersionOne and I'm looking for some help from the community to see if anyone else has this problem and how they implemented a solution around it. We have implement Scenario Based testing (not requirement or COA testing) successfully and have driven the quality of our produ
Scenario Based Testing and Reusing of Test Cases?
We practice Scenario Based Testing.  However, VersionOne doesn't seem to support this type of testing out of the box.  Has anyone had any luck successfully implimenting this type of methodology within VersionOne? Also, we have built a repository of test cases where we can reuse test cases across dif
How to link bugs and issues to actual tests in VersionOne
We are using VersionOne currently with stories and tasks, but now our test department wants to use it as testing tool. I know that issue and defect can be linked to the story, but the functionality our testers now are looking for is that they would like to link defect or issue straight to the test t
Splitting Backlog Items and velocity reporting
Hello All, I have been doing some research into the V1 splitting functionality and how it interacts with my team's velocity reporting. When we split backlog items at the end of our sprint, we have been allocating story points back on the original card if any value has been added to the entire story.
bugzilla integration error - You must log in before using this part of Bugzilla
Hi, This is my first to setup Bugzilla to integrate with VersionOne and ran into a problem when executing VersionOne.ServiceHost.exe Could anyone please point me to how to fix this problem? my Bugzilla version is 4.5.5. I also tried older version (4.4.4 and 4.2.10) but got the same error. Apache ver
VersionOne Summer 2014 Product Release Now Available!
Hello, The VersionOne® Summer 2014 release is now available.  Learn more .  Focused on mobile team collaboration and on-the-go estimation, this release allows users to see project activity, collaborate, and even estimate stories with their
Analytics "Please Wait"
Anyone have issues in Summer 2014 where Analytics locks up with "Please Wait" as soon as Iteration is added?
Storypoints delivered vs. Storypoints Committed
Please let me know how V1 could help me to calculate, or generate a report with the value "Storypoints delivered/Storypoints Committed, %" We need to calculate the value Strorypoints Delivered/Storypoints Committed, % for every release/completed project. This helps demonstrate level of predictabilit
Kanban custom reports
I'm looking for anyone that may have built custom Kanban reports or queries using the datamart.  The standard reports provided by V1 do not really give us what we need since we are using Kanban.  Yet the reports we need are pretty standard for Kanban so I was hoping to maybe share datamart queries o
Inserting Link URL and Link Title when importing a story
For our sustaining backlog managed in Version one, I am frequently linking stories in Version one to our bug tracking system. I used the excel import feature to import stories into Version One. Is it possible to have the "Link title" and "Link UR"L fields defined in the excel under the story tab a

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