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VersionOne discussions leverage Google's rich discussion functionality while providing a searchable, read-only version of discussion posts within the Community Site. To post to a list, sign up with your email address below to subscribe and gain access to the list email address. Below are links to some of the most recent discussions threads. To search the full forum, check out the VersionOne Google Group page.


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Ranking by Numerical Order and Excel
We just upgraded to Spring 2016 and I love the new feature where you can numerically rank items in the Order field! But, I was surprised to see when I exported to MS Excel that this field was still blank. Is there something special I need to do to make that field export to MS Excel? Thanks,
Anyone ever overlap Sprints for their team
We are new to Agile processing (about 5 months), and we have been using Scrum and Scrumban. For this team we are using Scrum (Sprints) and we have defined "Done" as development, user testing and implementation of a story. The work done in our sprints consists of Maintenance and some new features
Added Project does not show up in Analytics
I added a new project to test an idea. The project has several portfolio items, stories, releases, a sprint schedule and to try to show progress, I closed a couple of stories in a previous release. But when I go to Analytics, the new project does not show up in the pulldown list of projects.
Risk field on Portfolio item
There is a "risk" field near the value that is used in calculating the WSJF. Anyone use that? And what does it mean? How is it different than the Risk score that is 1-10 out of the box configuration? Thx
Custom Template for User Story
We are trying to create a custom template for User Stories in VersionOne Ultimate edition (latest version). I am looking for some help in adding attributes as shown in the figure below. Some teams have their Requirements captured in a different tool with artifacts like: Use Cases, Business
Adding custom content to versionone view
We're evaluating integrating with VersionOne and we'd like to add custom content to some view in VersionOne. The Bugzilla integration does something similar: <
Unauthorized error while trying to connect to Version One via REST in C#
Hello, We are trying to access Version One via REST in C# using the HTTPWebRequest class. We are aware that there are VersionOne .NET SDK available for download, we are having problem with using the SDK due to some environment issues, have already raised a support ticket for the same. But we
Cycle Time for items with different initial state
We're looking to track the lead and cycle time of portfolio items, and in some cases portfolio items are being created in a "later" state. Does the cycle time dashboard for portfolio items take that into account in any way? To explain further with a generic example -- Let's say we have 5
How to search Portfolio Items by 'Created By'
I would like to find all portfolio items which have been created by a particular user. But the 'Created By' field is not available directly in the filter pane, nor is it in the 'more filters' window. I also tried Advanced Search but it is not working. I know that you can customize the Portfolio
Triggering Jenkins from version one tool
Hi, I am new to Version one tool. I am trying to trigger jenkins build from version one, either groovy or any batch files or any customized fields with some buttons in version one to perform triggering actions.. Thanks in advance.
What is the best way to identify portfolio items which have a discussion
In the Portfolio Tree grid, is there a way to identify the portfolio items which have an on-going discussion?
VersionOne ChangeSet & Build REST API Documentation
Hi, I am looking for REST API Documentation for below resources. 1) ChangeSet Create, Update, Associate with Backlog, Read Support 2) Build Create, Update, Associate with Backlog, Read Support Please share REST Api documentation links for this.
Portfolio Plan across multiple quarters
I created a plan based upon quarters but when I create the items in the buckets and relate them to the projects or epics I cannot make them span multiple quarters. How do I do this?
How to find Budget points in (None)
Hello, I am trying to find a report or a query that I can use to identify points listed under (None) in a V1 Strategic Theme-based Budget. I have tried using a "Epic" query using the following where clause in a rest query "&where=Super.SuperMeAndUp:Epic.StrategicThemes.Name.@Count='0' but
Drilling into Cycle Time for Portfolio Items
I see there is a Dashboard Panel for Portfolio Item Cycle Time, but it looks like this can only be filtered by Program and Project. Is there any plan to add more filtering capabilities or additional x-axis options to the report, similar to what is present in the Workitem Cycle Time report? For

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