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Admin Privileges Role Summary and Descriptions

This feature is available in all editions.



This article is intended for administrators responsible for creating and managing member accounts and provides instructions for assigning Admin Privileges roles to member accounts.

The Admin Privileges role determines what actions members can perform in the system, including: 

Important Notes

  • A member's Admin Privileges role does not determine access to projects or permissions. To grant access to a project, you must first assign them to a project, and then assign a project role to grant permissions.

  • When a member is assigned to a project using the drag-and-drop method, their Admin Privileges role is copied to the project as their project role. Depending on the Admin Privileges role that is copied, the member may not have access to the project's assets.  For example, an Admin Privileges role of No Access or Visitor will limit access when applied as a project role at the project level. To grant explicit access to the project's assets that is different from those allowed by the initial project role, a new project role must be explicitly assigned.

  • In Catalyst edition, only the System Admin and Team Member Admin Privileges roles are available.  In addition, the project role cannot be changed on a per project basis; Catalyst members have the same role for both Admin Privileges and project role (for all projects).

Admin Privileges Role Access Summary

The table below shows each Admin Privileges role and their level of system configuration access To learn how to assign a role to a member's account, see Assigning an Admin Privileges Role to an Existing Member.

Role Name
Feature Access
System Admin
Member Admin
Project Admin
Project Lead
Team Member
No Access
System Configuration
Member Admin
Member Groups
Test Integration
Change Sets
Build Projects
Sprint/Iteration Schedules
Workspace Required Fields