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Assigning an Admin Privileges Role to a New Member

This feature is available in all editions.



Follow the instructions below to create a new member account and assigning system configuration and project access levels.

***Users are called members.*** This article is intended for administrators and provides step-by-step instructions for creating a new member account.


Your ability to create a new member account depends on your Admin Privileges and/or Project Role, see Roles and Project Membership to learn more.

  1. From the sidebar (left-pane menu options), click Admin Admin.png > Members.

  2. In the Members page, click Invite Members > Add Member.

  3. In the resulting Members window, enter the required information, and then click Save.

    Field Description


    The member's full name.


    The image that identifies the member in the system. The file size must be less than 2MB and in .jpg or .png format. It will be automatically resized to 96x96 pixels. See Adding, Changing or Removing Member Avatars.

    Short Name

    Similar to a nickname, this is an abbreviated version of the member's name.


    The username the member uses to login to Lifecycle.


    The member's password.

    Admin Privileges 
    (Previously Default Role)

    The role that establishes the base set of system access privileges and determines if a member can make system configuration changes, manage sprint schedules and sprints, and manage member accounts. See Admin Privileges for details. Note that this role does not automatically grant project access. See Project Roles for details.

    Email Address

    The member's email address.

    Notifications by email

    Select this check box to allow the member to receive notifications by email.

    Phone Number

    The member's phone number.


    A free-form field that allows you enter additional text.

    User License

    (Not editable) Indicates if the member is a licensed user.

    Ideas Role

    (Not editable) Indicate's the member's permissions in Ideas.

    Last Access

    (Not editable) The last date the member logged in.

    Change Comment

    (Optional) Enter a brief description about why the account was created or changed.