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Project Roles


The Project Role grants access to projects based on the role the member plays within each project they work on (e.g., team member, project lead, tester, etc.).

The Project Role is the role assigned to a member for each project they work on. It grants them access to projects based on the role they play (e.g., team member, project lead, tester, etc.). This role determines if they can create, view, and modify project assets.

Here are a few important things to know:

  • A member must be assigned to a project in order for the project to display in the project tree. 

  • Project role assignments automatically apply to all child projects (unless explicitly changed).

  • At any level in the project tree hierarchy, a member's project role can be changed to increase or decrease project permissions.

  • A member may have different roles on different projects.

Note that the Project Role is different than the Admin Privileges role (previously call the Default Role). See Admin Privileges Role Summary and Descriptions for details on the Admin Privilege.

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