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Updating the Continuum License


This article explains how to update the Continuum license.

The Continuum license is delivered in a file format and needs to be added to the Continuum system before it is applicable.

Entering the License

To add the license to Continuum, first open the license file that you received in a plain-text file editor (e.g., Notepad) and copy then full text in the file to your clipboard. This should be from the beginning character to the final equal sign "=".

Next, with in the Continuum application in a browser, select Administration > Manage Settings from the right-side menu, then Settings on the top menu. Select the License tab on the left edge of the Settings page. Paste in the license text from the clipboard and click the Save button in the upper right.

Restart the Services

Running processes in Continuum are not automatically made aware of the license so you will need to restart the Continuum services. This should be performed during a scheduled maintenance period such as overnight. The process of restarting the services will be very quick (seconds) so that disruption is minimal.

Login to the Continuum instance as the Continuum user and run the following command:


Checking the License

Login the user interface and click the i informational icon in the lower right corner of the UI. This screen displays the Continuum version as well as the current license information.