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Setting up a Cloud Account

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Automate communicates with cloud virtualization software and providers through web service API calls. To establish connectivity and store the credentials for future use choose Automate in the right hand menu, then Configuration-> Cloud Accounts in the top menu.

Account Edit

Click Create and the Account Edit page appears.

The following fields appear:

  • Account Name - a name for this cloud account (req.)
  • Provider - select the cloud provider or virtualization platform (req.)
  • Access Key - this will be the username or access id for the cloud web service endpoint.
  • Secret Key - the password for the web service endpoint.
  • Make Default - to make this cloud account the default in the UI. Check this box for a single account setup.


Access Key and Secret Key fields are encrypted when stored in Automate. The label may change if another cloud provider is used.


If using AWS, it is possible to create additional access key credentials for specific uses. It is suggested that you used AWS IAM to create its own api access credentials.

Testing Cloud Account Connectivity - AWS Only

To test the account credentials, select a cloud endpoint to test against.

  • Cloud - select a cloud endpoint to test the cloud account credentials against.
  • Test Connection - will test the cloud provider webservice api connectivity with the credentials provided.

Save the Account

Save the new account. The new Cloud Account will now appear in the "Cloud Account" drop down in the lower right of the UI.

If you are using Amazon AWS Exclusively, there is no need to set up "Clouds", as AWS clouds are predefined. For Eucalyptus or Openstack, continue to the next section.

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