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Setup a Cloud Endpoint

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



In Automate, Clouds are definitions of the details of a virtual environment. Different providers may use different terminology to describe this concept: in Amazon AWS, clouds are "Regions", and cannot be changed by users. In private clouds such as Eucalyptus, Clouds are the different Eucalyptus environments you may have set up.

In a nutshell, a Cloud is the "endpoint" to which Automate or other tools will connect and interact.

Setting up Clouds

Amazon AWS "Clouds" are not configurable in Automate - they are the different regions defined by AWS. You cannot create an Amazon AWS cloud.

To edit cloud endpoints, choose Automate in the right hand menu, then Configuration-> Cloud Accounts in the top menu.

Click Create and the Create a New Cloud dialog appears.

The following fields appear:

  • Cloud Name - a name for this cloud account (req.)
  • Provider - the Provider
  • API Protocol - select either HTTP or HTTPS
  • API URL - the hostname and port of the Cloud endpoint

Click Save and your new cloud will be created.

Key Pairs

On the Key Pairs tab you can enter the ssh private key contents so the system can communicate with servers using ssh.

Private Keys must be wrapped with the prefix -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and suffix -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----.

Here is an example of a valid Private Key (fake, of course):


Click Add to add a new private key.

  • Name - a name for the private key (req.)
  • Private Key - the contents of your private key .pem file (req.)
  • Passphrase - if the pem file requires a passphrase to be used, put this here. Otherwise leave blank.

Both the private key and passphrase values are encrypted when stored in the database.

Keypair changes are saved automatically... no need to click the Save button.