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Package Progression

The Package Progression Board allows selection of a specific progression and shows all phases and the Package Revisions in different phases.

To view a package progression, select Progressions > Package Progression from the menu bar and select a progression and a package from the drop-down lists. Package versions are grouped by package names if you choose to view all the available packages in the progression board. 


As package revisions are moved through the Package Progression Board, each revision will show the following:


  • Version Range: Range of minor version numbers included in this package revision.
  • Package Version Number: Package major version number.
  • Revision Range: Range of package revisions included in package revision.
  • Total Number of Workitems: Total number of stories and defects included in this package revision. 
  • Number of Rogue Commits: Total number of commits that are not associated to a workitem and thus are "rogue".

Hovering over each of the circles in the progression board will show the relevant workitem ID. Clicking on a circle will take you to the "Workitem Perspective" view.

The following types of units are shown on the board:

clipboard_e003c8a174c013dbb2dd508fe6eff6555.png Stories (Green)

A green circle represents a "story" workitem. These are workitems preceded with an "S" in VersionOne Lifecycle (S-12345) or issue type "Story" in Jira.

clipboard_ec41b13dd927d8e0e6fef9dd543bb155f.png Defects (Red)

A Red circle represents a defect. These are workitems preceded with a "D" in VersionOne Lifecycle (D-12345) or issue type "Bug" in Jira.

clipboard_e2fc6f282d1f8af1d977b4b950b2cbb15.png Trailing Commits (diametrical split)

The half-green-shaded circle represents an "undeliverable" workitem which contains trailing commits. This means there are additional commits for this work item in a package located in an earlier phase that is not contained in the package revision you are currently viewing. Effectively all the work that has been committed against this item is not in the current package and thus is not deliverable.

Summary Tabs

The upper right-hand and lower left-hand sides of each package revision offers a Summary tab with the following data:

clipboard_e754fb7bb96aa817e1605f616703ce134.png Delivery Forecast

A forecast (in days) of when this package revision will be delivered. This number is calculated based on the past delivery performances for this particular package.

clipboard_eca9677b30eeadfeabf8b994bf85dd7e3.png Rogue Commits

Amount of commits in this package revision that are not associated with a workitem (story or defect).

clipboard_e481819cd87816b676ebbc199b594ba10.png Completed Activities

Percentage of activities that have been completed for this package revision (both automated and manual).

clipboard_e26012ea973d97012e6a10edf8a5c38c5.png Pending Manual Activity

Indicates that there is a manual activity pending for this package revision.


Delivered Package Revisions

In order to view a list of "delivered" package revisions, click on the "Deliveries" icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Deliveries Icon

A list showing details of all deliveries across package will be shown.