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Configuring the Slack Plugin

Use the Slack plugin's Post Message function to post a message from a Pipeline to a Slack channel.


Slack is a popular tool where teams come together to collaborate, important information can be found by the right people, and other tools too can pipe in information when and where you need it.

Use the Slack plugin's Post Message function to post a message from a Pipeline to a Slack channel. 



Before using the Slack plugin, you must set up one or more Slack instances.

  1. Select Plugins from the Administration menu (cogwheel icon) and select  Slack from the list of plugins available. 
  2. Click Add and enter the Slack API token. 
  3. Repeat step two to add more than one Slack account. 

Using the Slack Plugin

Once you have a Slack account added, you can use the Slack plugin's Post Message function in your Pipelines to post a message to a Slack channel. 


Post Message

The Post Message function lets you post a message to a Slack Channel. You can also add file attachments, post as a specific user (instead of the default 'Continuum') and configure the Pipeline to fail if the Post Message function fails. 


  • Channel: The Slack channel name. Prefix the Slack channel name with the # symbol for public channels. You may omit the # symbol for private channels. 
  • Message: The message to post on the Slack channel. 
  • Attachments: Your messages are vehicles for all kinds of content and experiences. You can build distinctive messages referencing images, external websites, and highlight relevant pieces of data and then simplify workflows by attaching interactive buttons. For more information, see "Attaching Content" Slack API
  • Post as User: Type a Slack username to post messages. Default is 'Continuum'.
  • Fail on Error: (true or false) If set to 'true' the Pipeline fails if the Slack message was not posted successfully.