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Build Integration with VersionOne


These instructions walk you through configuring VersionOne to communicate BuildRun details back to work items.

Step 1: Enable Build Integration

  1. Login to VersionOne with a user in the System Admin role
  2. Click Configuration from the Admin menu
  3. Click System to access the system configuration options
  4. Under the Enable Features section, enable Build Integration by clicking the checkbox, then click Save

Step 2: Create a Pipeline

  1. Click Projects from the Admin menu
  2. Click Pipelines to access the build project management page
  3. Click the Add button and enter a new Pipeline with the same name for Title and Reference, then click Save

Step 3: Associate the Pipeline to the Work item Project

  1. Click Projects from the Admin menu
  2. Click Projects to access the project management page
  3. Select the project that contains the work items you want to associate to the new Pipeline
  4. Click the Edit button and select the Pipeline from the Pipelines drop-down, then click Save

Step 4: Setup the Build Status List Type

  1. Click List Types from the Admin menu
  2. Click Build to access the build list type management page
  3. Click Add in the Pipeline Status section and add a new item with the title In Progress, then click Save
  4. Click Display Fields from the Admin menu
  5. Expand the Pipeline Run row
  6. Click the '+' next to Show Values on the Status row and select the In Progress checkbox (clicking the checkbox will automatically save this selection)

Step 5. Configuring Continuum

  1. Edit the pipeline you created in Section 5
  2. Go to the stage you created in that pipeline, and drag Create Pipeline Run from the VersionOne plugin to the top of the stage with these values:

    VersionOne Pipeline Name: the name of the Pipeline you created in VersionOne

    Intial Status: In Progress

    Save ID in Key: run_id

  3. Drag Set Pipeline Run Status from the VersionOne plugin to the bottom of the stage with these values:

    Pipeline Run OID: [$ run_id $]

    New Status: Passed

Verify the configuration by committing a change in SCM. When the pipeline completes, you should see the Pipeline Run and changeset on the associated workitem. The Pipeline Run contains a link back to Continuum.