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Connecting Continuum to Third Party Tools

Instructions on how to connect Continuum to third-party tools.


The first thing to do after performing the installation and initial configuration of Continuum will be to establish connectivity to third party systems. Typically this will include a version control system, planning tool, build tool, maybe a messaging tool. All the DevOps systems that you currently use should be tested before proceeding because it will be easier to work with them upfront than further into your first pipeline. This is so that network and authentication issues can be resolved with your administrative staff all at once.

For each tool that you plan on connecting Continuum with in your environment, follow the links provided to configure connectivity. Return to this page and continue to work down the list.

Build or CI

Version Control

  • Bitbucket

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • TeamForge SCM

  • Other VCS


Once you complete the initial configuration of the third party tools, it is time to start getting changes, or commits, sent into Continuum from the source control systems.

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