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VSTS/TFS Setup in Continuum


For Continuum to communicate with VSTS/TFS follow these steps to setup the connection.

Networking Requirements Edit section

Continuum will need outbound access to the VSTS/TFS instance. The VSTS/TFS instance will need inbound access from Continuum as well. Continuum may also need inbound access on port 8080 from VSTS/TFS in order to receive webhooks properly.

Configure the VSTS/TFS Plugin 

In the Continuum UI, click the admin menu, under "FLOW" select Plugins. Select VSTS/TFS on the left and click the "Add" button. Fill in the appropriate values.

The Name field is an arbitrary name for this instance.

Please Note: The VSTS/TFS plugin currently only supports token authentication. Username/password authentication is not currently supported. The "User" field should be left blank.

The VSTS/TFS plugin supports multiple workitem types for "improve" and "maintain" (i.e. stories and defects). By default Continuum will attempt to use "User Story" for stories and "Bug" for defects (these are the defaults shipped in VSTS/TFS). If you have configured additional workitem types you can enter them here (separating them with a comma).

Commit Notation

In order for Continuum to associate VSTS/TFS workitems with commits, the commit comment must include the VSTS/TFS workitem ID preceeded by the "#" sign.

Example: Fixed homepage width issue when viewed in android #772