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Step 1. Log In


Follow the steps below to log into the sample environment and follow the procedures in the self-guided evaluation.

VersionOne Lifecycle and Continuum are separately installed products with separate logins. Administrator level access control is provided with these logins so that you can explore Continuum fully without restriction.


  1. You will receive an email containing links to the sample Lifecycle and Continuum environments. Click on these links and proceed to the next step.
  2. As instructed, enter the username and password provided on the email on the Lifecycle login page

  3. Then, enter the username and password provided on the email on the Continuum login page

Change a Password / Account Details

You can change your account details such as your password, email ID, time zone and security question and answer. 

To change your account details:

  1. Select Account Details from the user menu at the top navigation bar.


  1. Change your email ID, time zone, password and so on and click Save.


The time zone drop-down list is search-enabled. To easily search and select your time zone, select the drop-down list and start typing the name of your time zone in "First Letter CAPS" format.

Next Steps

After you have logged in, proceed to Step 2. Navigate through the Continuum Menu to learn more about the Continuum menu structure.