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Step 2. Continuum Menu Navigation


After logging into Continuum, you will see two sets of menus:

  • The Top Nav Bar provides access to global search, main menu, user account, and help.

Continuum Top Nav Bar


Main Menu: access system configuration, flow, and automate options.

Progressions: access real-time data of current contents of one or more configured progressions.

Pipelines: access information related to all pipeline instances or pipeline groups.

User Account: access account details or logout option.

Help: access Continuum online help and view "about" details for your instance.

  • The Side Nav Bar provides access to view the contents and activity for the different parts of the application.

Continuum Nav Bar

Home: access the homepage wherever you are in the application.

Global Search: find information related to changes, submissions, or workitems.

Projects: summary data for all configured projects in your instance.

Tasks: access information related to all automation tasks

Perspectives: detailed data for packages, workitems, changes, artifacts, buckets, contributors, and environments.

Using these menus, you can access all parts of the system.



Next Steps

To learn more about how the system works, see Step 3. How it Works.