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Role: Compliance Manager or Auditor - Auditability


As a Compliance Manager or Auditor, view story's history and audit trail.


  1. In the sidebar, select "workitems" (1, below).

  2. Choose any of the stories that have a Done status.
  3. Select the "Timeline" tab on the left. This view shows any activities in the form of pipeline automation and any phase changes in the Value Stream. Clicking on any of these will take you to the specific logs of interest.

  4. Select the "Changes" tab to view a list of commits. Clicking on these will cause the change view to appear and you can view information about the submission data.

  5. Select the "Package" tab to view any software packages or release candidates that the story has made it into.


Being able to retroactively view all the automation, software releases and changes that your business value flows through can give you the assurance that in a highly regulated environment you quickly provide the who, what, when and why answers during an audit or process review without having to dig through logs on CI servers. Continuum puts all this information at your fingertips.