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Receiving Change (commits) in Continuum


In this part of the tutorial, we will configure a Continuum Project to receive change and then set up a change source to send the change into Continuum.

Create a Continuum Project

See Creating a Project and set up your Continuum Source type project.

Get a Continuum API Key

Now that we have a Project defined that can receive changes, we need to configure the source of those changes to send them in to the project.

Before we do this, you need to get a Continuum API key for your user account. In production environments we recommend that you create a dedicated API user in Continuum and use their API key for this purpose. However for tutorial purposes, use the Administrator account.

In the Continuum application, upper right menu select My Account. On the resulting popup, highlight the API Token and copy it to your clipboard. Paste it to a file to be used later. Also make note of the Continuum server address.

Configure Source Control Webhook

Choose one of the following links for the steps on how to configure the change sources to push the right data to Continuum.


After you have completed the instructions for the specific SCM, continue with the next step Getting Work Items.