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Github Pings to Continuum when Webhook Added


The Continuum Team has done some testing with GitHub and Continuum and found that Github will create Ping events when a new webhook has been added in Github. Please see the following from the Team for additional details - 

The Continuum Team has determined the following:

- From our research github only sends a ping submission when a new webhook is added or the ping is manually resubmitted in the UI or API
- Editing a webhook does not send another ping
- If the webhook is incorrect when added Continuum would not receive a submission and github would show an error icon on the webhook
- Github does not resend a ping automatically

From this we conclude the following:

Multiple successive pings could be caused by adding, deleting, and adding the webhook repeatedly or the user manually re-sending the ping from GitHub's UI or API. Repeated sending from the UI would make the most sense if the user expected the ping to execute a pipeline and it did not. It would be natural to retry the submission, but we cannot say for sure the actual steps that caused this to happen (the process of adding the Web hooks may provide insight into this).

If an incorrect webhook was added (resulting in a lost ping) and then edited to be correct, the first submission in Continuum would be a push instead of a ping.