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Client Tutorial - Automate


Following is a common scenario demonstrating the use of the Continuum Client tools.  It also includes several of the more complicated commands requiring submission of parameters.

This scenario assumes Continuum Client is installed and the .ctmclient.conf file set up properly. Click here for information about setting up the Client tools.

To confirm the Client is installed, and the REST API is running, try this command:


This will return the current version.

List Tasks


Will return a list of all defined Tasks.

Output Format

All Client commands return results as 'text' by default. Almost all commands can optionally return as 'JSON' or 'XML' documents.
Specify the -Fjson or -Fxml option after a command to request a different format.

ctm-list-tasks -Fjson

'Text' output is geared toward human-readability, so only key properties are returned. 'JSON' and 'XML' formats will almost always return more verbose information.

Running a Task


Running a Task can be done simply if there are no parameters.  

ctm-run-task -tTaskName

Running a Task in a scripted fashion requires a parameters document to be created and submitted with the command.

ctm-get-task-parameters -tTaskName > /tmp/taskparams

This command will return a simple JSON template - a list of parameters. For example:

        "values": [
        "name": "param_1"

Edit the values as necessary, save the file. Then pass the file to the command.

ctm-run-task -tTaskName -p/tmp/taskparams

Checking Task Status

To see a list of currently active Tasks.


This command returns active Tasks by default, but the -s option can specify additional statuses. The -s all option will display all status, or a delimited list of specific statuses can be provided: -s Error,Cancelled

Single Task Status

To see details of a specific Task Instance ID, for example Instance 123.

ctm-get-task-instance -i123

Remember, for full details select either JSON or XML as the output format.

ctm-get-task-instance -i123 -Fjson

Or if you'd like a super simple response, just the status:

ctm-get-task-instance-status -i123

Task Run Log

Finally, to retrieve the Task Run Log.

ctm-get-task-log -i123

All Commands

To see a list of all available commands:


To see specific arguments for any command, specify the -H option.