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Data not Displaying in VersionOne - Structure Map Exception Code 207


No data is displaying in the On Premise VersionOne instance. No matter what page or tab you navigate to you receive the following error message - 

Application Error

An unexpected error has occurred in the application.

Error Message
StructureMap Exception Code: 207 Internal exception while creating Instance 'a6413428-c7e3-4270-a41e-246209e1d23d' of PluginType NHibernate.ISessionFactory, NHibernate, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=aa95f207798dfdb4. Check the inner exception for more details.


Most likely the cause for this issue is that the database connected to the instance of VersionOne is not the same as the application. 

What's Next

Compare the installed VersionOne version to the database version. You can find out the database version by running the following SQL query on the VersionOne database server - 

  FROM [vo_CapCtr_db].[dbo].[SystemConfig]
WHERE Name = 'Version'

If the two versions do not match then installer would need to be run again to properly upgrade the database to match the version of VersionOne installed.