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Analytics Dashboards

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The Analytics Dashboards are grouped by organizational level. For each level, there is a single dashboard that can be configured for a selected project and/or program and populated with built-in panels targeted to information valuable at the selected level.

Each level also contains a role-based dashboard that contains more global-level parameters and contains panels targeted at any level. This allows you to highlight pertinent project metrics at each level or perspective. The role-based dashboards are initially populated with panels targeted to the specific role; however, these panels are not fixed.

Reporting at the Portfolio level is focused on tracking high level business initiatives across multiple programs and/or organizations.  Reporting at the Program, or Release, level is focused on tracking features across one or more products and/or releases.  Reporting at the Team level is focused on tracking backlog progress of individual teams. 

The thumbnail of the video below illustrates the Dashboard feature when the Team Dashboard is selected. The remainder of the page contains the selected dashboard panels. Each of these features are discussed in detail in the sections below.

Custom Report Panel

The Custom Report panel allows you to display a Custom Report next to the pre-canned reports.  Once added to a dashboard, this panel has an additional configuration parameters to select the report you want presented.  See Analytics Custom Reports for details on creating Custom Reports.  At the moment you cannot print or export Custom Report Panels to PDF.

Accessing Analytics Dashboards

  1. On the side bar, click the Analytics icon analytics_icon.png.

  2. Click on an organizational level tab, and then select a dashboard type.

    • Click on the Team tab to access Team, Quality, and ScrumMaster dashboards.

    • Click on the Program tab to access the Product Owner dashboard.

    • Click on the Portfolio tab to access the Executive dashboard.