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Portfolio Item Predictability Dashboard Panel

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The Analytics Portfolio Item Predictability dashboard panel indicates historical trends of Portfolio Item Throughput variation. The more consistent your Portfolio Item Throughput values are period over period the higher the predictable score.


Accessing this Panel

  1. On the side bar, click the Analytics icon analytics_icon.png.

  2. Click on the Enterprise tab.
  3. If the panel is not visible, click the Add Panel button.

  4. In the Add Panels window, click the Add button for the panel and click Done. The panel should display on the dashboard.

  5. To configure the panel, click on the gear icon  at the top-right corner and click Edit.


This panel measures the coefficient of the root mean squared variation of the Portfolio Item Throughput values moth-over-month or quarter-over-quarter for 3 month/quarter and 6 month/quarter intervals. 

Panel Parameters

To configure the panel, click on the gear icon  at the top-right corner and click Edit.

The following table describes each panel parameter.





The period for grouping the Througput data used for the calculation.  Valid values are

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly


Number of years to look at data

Then number of years back to consider

1 year

Type The Type of Portfolio Item to consider All