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Story Count by Sprint/Iteration Dashboard Panel

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


The Analytics Story Count by Sprint/Iteration dashboard panel allows you to see the trend of Backlog Items in sprints/iterations.  This is very similar to the Velocity Trend panel; however this panel indicates which Backlog items were planned, which were added after the sprint/iteration was underway and the number that were complete. 


Where to Find This Panel

The Story Count by Sprint/Iteration panel is available on any of the following Analytics dashboards. See Adding a Panel to a Dashboard for instructions.

  • Portfolio > Executive Dashboard

  • Program > Product Owner Dashboard

  • Team > Dashboard

  • Team > Team Dashboard

  • Team > Quality Dashboard

  • Team > ScrumMaster Dashboard


The following metrics are presented for each sprint/iteration visible on the chart.




The number of stories in the sprint/iteration at the end of the first day of the iteration.


The number of stories added to the sprint/iteration after the first day of the iteration. We determine this number by uniquely counting IDs that appear in the sprint and subtracting the number of planned items.  The added value is never below zero.  Therefore, this number will include items that were added and subsequently removed, unless the add/remove action occurred in the same day.


The number of stories in a Complete Status on the last day of the iteration. This would include stories that are Closed, regardless of status, and Stories that are active an in a Status value marked as complete. We look specifically at the last day of the iteration. Therefore, if you Complete a story after the last day of the iteration, you get no credit.

% Complete

Percentage of the total Stories (Planned + Added) completed on the last day of the in the sprint.

Dashboard Parameters

On all Dashboards, the Project and Program Dashboard parameters effect the results of the query used to populate this chart.

When this panel is on the Role Based Dashboards (indicated with an * above), the query for this panel also honors the Epic Dashboard parameters

Panel Parameters

  1. Click on the gear icon AnalyticsGear.png at the top-right corner of the panel.

  2. Click Edit and select from the parameter options listed below:

Parameters for this panel differ based on the dashboard where the panel is located.



Available on these dashboards


Portfolio Item

Only consider stories assigned to this Portfolio Item and all child Portfolio Items.


Blank, indicating that all stories are considered.

Starting Sprint/Iteration

Only consider this Sprints/Iteration and those start after it.


Any other Dashboard

The first Start Date in the schedule.