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Viewing and Managing a Dashboard in the Dashboard Manager

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



In the Dashboard Manager, you can create new dashboards, configure them independently, and then share them with other Agility members in your organization.

Dashboard Manger Layout

The Manage Dashboard dialog is divided into two sections. The top section contains folders that can be used to organize your saved dashboards.  The lower section contains a list of dashboards available in the selected folder.


  1. On the side bar, click the Analytics icon analytics_icon.png.

  2. Click on a dashboard tab (Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, or Team).
  3. Click the New Dashboard drop-down followed by Manage Dashboards.

  4. The Manage Dashboards dialog box is divided into two sections: Folders and Dashboard List.

    Folders There are two root folders in the folders section (top section of the dialog box).
    • My Items. Contains dashboards and folders created by you.

    • Shared with Me. Contains dashboards and folders created by others, that have been shared with you.

    If you want to:

    • Create a new folder under the My Items root folder, click the gear icon, and then choose Add New Folder

    • Rename an existing folder, click the gear icon, and then choose Rename Folder

    • Remove / delete an existing folder, click the gear icon, and then choose Delete

    • Share everything in a folder, click the person icon next to the gear. See Sharing Dashboards to learn more.

    Dashboard List

    The list of dashboards contains three columns (bottom section of the dialog box):

    • Description. The text provided when creating the dashboard.  This is also the text used for the dashboard title.

    • Created By. The username of the person who created the dashboard.

    • Actions. Actions you can perform on the dashboard.

    The available actions are:

    • Share. Share the dashboard with other people in your organization. See Sharing Dashboards to learn more.

    • Edit. Change the description, (e.g., tab label) for any  dashboard you created.

    • Delete. Delete / remove any dashboard you created. Click this delete icon to remove the dashboard. 

    You cannot delete the default dashboard for the selected level (the one initially labeled Dashboard, a Dashboard you have Shared, the currently active Dashboard, or a Dashboard created by another person.

    • Copy. Make a duplicate copy of a dashboard.