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Negative values in Custom Report

Q: I've been trying to create a custom report that will show effort logged to tasks/workitems. Some of the Effort values in the report are negative, and I don't understand how it is possible to get negative effort. Could you please explain how negative effort is possible and how to get an accurate report of actual logged time?


A: This can happen if someone has made a negative entry. We've seen this in the past where someone has backed out Effort that was recorded in a prior sprint. The negative entry counted in the current sprint and was enough to push the person's total for the sprint below zero.

A quick way to check is to go to Reports > Sprint Reports > Effort Quicklist > filter by member > Apply Filters. A negative Done value there for any individual would trigger this case. You can back out an erroneous Effort entry by entering a negative number, or if a negative effort entry exists, you could enter a positive entry on the same workitem, in the same sprint, for the same member, in the Effort column.

For example if you see '-22' you can then simply enter a '+22' to back the entry out. Note: just be sure it's entered in into the same workitem, by the same person, in the same way it was input.