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Estimation Accuracy Report

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The Estimation Accuracy report calculates Detail Estimates/Load to show accuracy of the estimates by team member during a sprint/iteration schedule. Load is the sum of the amount of work Done, if applicable, and remaining To Do. By default, this is a forward-looking report, but can be filtered to include historical sprints as well.

Select the Allocate by Owner check box (or filter) to distribute To Do across each owner when more than one person owns a particular item. This typically applies to teams that use a mix of single and multi-owner items (tasks, tests, or stories ) and evenly distributes To Do across each owner.

This report is best used for planning and progress tracking.


Accessing This Report

  1. Click the Report icon reports_icon.png on the side bar followed by All Reports. 

  2. In the Member/Team Reports section, click Estimation Accuracy Report.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Member Group: Shows data for active members in the the selected member group only. When a member is added or removed, both the current and historical values change.
Show Closed Items:
Select this check box to show closed items within the report grid.

Allocate by Owner: Segements report data by owner.

Additional Options