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Why does the Current Member Load report show "Unable to display - invalid data"?

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



This can happen if someone has entered a negative value for Effort. The graph will not display negative totals. We've seen this in the past where someone has backed out Effort that was recorded in a prior sprint. The negative entry counted in the current sprint and was enough to push the person's total for the sprint below zero.

A quick way to check is to click the My Home icon home_icon.png > My Work page. Use the dropdown there to look through various team members. The Member Summary section on the right will show you the total for the selected person. A negative Done value for any member may trigger this case.

Try these things to fix it:

  1. Ask the member correct the negative entry made if in error. Perhaps the "backing out" should have been done in a prior sprint.
  2. Try splitting incomplete workitems  should be used when completing the prior sprint instead of simply moving the item forward to the next sprint.
  3. Wait. If no change is made, the graph will reappear once the member's total in the current sprint climbs back into the positive range.

As a workaround, you can temporarily enter a positive entry for the member with the negative total to get them back into a positive total for the sprint.