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Velocity by Date Report


This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



The Velocity by Date report is a bar chart that:

  • shows the total Estimate completed, by Date, over a specified date range (days, weeks, or months).

  • rolls up velocity across different sprint schedules.


Accessing This Report

  1. Click the Report icon reports_icon.png on the side bar followed by All Reports. 

  2. In the Project/Release Reports section or Planning Reports section, click Velocity by Date.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Team: Shows Team-specific data for the project or program. The default value is "All" or "Blank".
  • Backlog Group: Shows data assigned to the selected backlog group.
  • Workitem: Shows data for a specific work item type: All (all workitems), StoriesDefects, or Testsets. The default option is "All".
  • Aggregation Type: Determines how the data is aggregated.  Valid values are:
    • Sum of Estimate - Sum of the Estimate values. 

    • Workitem Count - Count of work items regardless of estimate value. 

  • Portfolio Item: Shows work items in the selected portfolio item and all of it's children. The default option is "Blank" and shows all work items.
  • Start Date: The first date the report begins calculating data.
    • For project-based reports, the default start date is the project start date.

    • For sprint/iteration-based reports, the default start date is the sprint/iteration start date.

    • For member-based reports, the default start date is 13 weeks prior to the current date.

    • If the start date is set to the current date or later, no data displays.

  • Interval: The length of each interval (days, weeks, or months) you want to show in the report. By default the length+gap as set on the project's sprint schedule. If no schedule is available, it defaults to 2 weeks.
    • For projects, the report uses the number of weeks from the project's start date to today.
    • For sprints, the report uses the the number of days in the sprint.
  • Grouping: Shows the velocity report of the selected grouping.

​Technical Details

  • By default, the date range is set to the beginning and ending dates of the project and the duration is set to measure by weeks. 

  • If the project has no end date, the end date defaults to the current date.

  • The report considers the work items "Date Completed" attribute when assigning the work item to a period.