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Story/Backlog Item Velocity by Risk Report

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The Story/Backlog Item Velocity - By Risk report breaks estimate completed during a sprint/iteration down by risk.

Use this report to plan future sprints, forecast Effort in future sprints, and track past Effort.


Accessing This Report

On the main menu:

  • Click the Reports icon reports_icon.png on the side bar, click All Reports. In the Executive Reports section, click Portfolio Item Bubble Chart, or

  • Scroll to the Planning Reports section​ and click Story/Backlog Item Velocity by Risk.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Team: Shows Team-specific data for the project or program. The default value is "All" or "Blank".
  • Backlog Group: Shows data assigned to the selected backlog group.
  • Start Sprint/Iteration: The first sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.
  • End Sprint/Iteration: The last sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.
  • Aggregation Type: Determines how the data is aggregated.  Valid values are:
    • Sum of Estimate - Sum of the Estimate values. 

    • Workitem Count - Count of work items regardless of estimate value. 

  • Show Active: Show active items on the report.