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Story Velocity by Risk/Complexity Report

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



The Story Velocity by Risk/Complexity report is a bar chart that shows the total Estimate broken out by risk delivered over a specified date range (days, weeks, or months) during a sprint/iteration. This report rolls up velocity across different sprint schedules.

Accessing This Report

  1. On the side bar, click the reports icon.

  2. Scroll the the Planning Reports section, and then click Story Velocity by Risk/Complexity.

  3. Select from the filters below and click Go.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Team: Shows Team-specific data for the project or program. The default value is "All" or "Blank".
Backlog Group:
Shows data assigned to the selected backlog group.
Start Sprint/Iteration:
The first sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.

End Sprint/Iteration: The last sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.

  • Aggregation Type: Determines how the data is aggregated.  Valid values are:
    • Total Estimate - Sum the Estimate values. 

    • Workitem Count - Count of work items regardless of estimate value. 

  • Show Active: Show active items on the report.

​Technical Details

  • By default, the date range is set to the beginning and ending dates of the project and the duration is set to measure by weeks. 

  • If the project has no end date, the end date defaults to the current date.