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Report Formats

This feature is available in all editions.


Resources on Agile Metrics

Selecting the right metrics for your team or organization can be confusing when so many report options are available. Refer to these resources for helpful insight on choosing and interpreting metrics.

Available Report Types Agility reports are presented in the following formats:

  • Dashboard Reports
    A summary of the history and current status of a given project or sprint all in a single view.

  • Scorecards
    Instant access to a barometer of your key project performance indicators at the portfolio item, program, and team level. 

  • Summary Reports
    Present an executive level summary of the selected project or program. These report pages display data in both tabular and Gantt format.

  • Quicklist Reports
    A simple, yet powerful method to generate a customized report of assets from our system. These lists can be customized to show only the data attributes you wish to see. They can also be filtered to show only the specific assets that you want to include.

  • Velocity Reports
    Show the speed of the development team as it works through the sprint schedule. The velocity is simply the amount of backlog item and/or defect estimate that a team delivers in a sprint/iteration. A team's velocity should stabilize over time and will be a good predictor of future performance. In cases where the project team makeup or the sprint length varies over time, the velocity will become a less accurate guide.

  • Trend Reports
    Display general trends and changes over the course of time. Use trend reports to understand the differences introduced over the course of time.

  • Member Reports
    Summarize work activities and history by team member. Use these reports to help understand and evaluate the status and contributions made by individuals.

  • Visualization Reports
    Allows you to see how items are connected in a graphical format.