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Parking Lot Report


This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The Parking Lot report shows progress by functional area as defined by the backlog group structure. 

  • By default, it shows all backlog groups available. To see a breakout of lower levels (if any exist), select a parent backlog group.

  • Progress displays by the amount of Closed Estimate within eachbacklog group.

  • Backlog Groups that share a common area are grouped together on this report. Areas are defined as a List Type in the Administration area of the VersionOne.

You can use this report for tracking purposes and to communicate progress to functional stakeholders.


Accessing This Report

On the main menu:

  • Click Reports, scroll to the Project/Release Reports or Planning Reports section​, and then click Parking Lot.

Report Filters/Parameters

Parent Theme:
Shows data assigned to the selected parent backlog group.
  • Sprint/Iteration: Shows data assigned to the sprint/iteration. The default value is "All".
  • Team: Shows Team-specific data for the project or program. The default value is "All" or "Blank".
  • Workitem: Shows data for a specific work item type: All (all workitems), StoriesDefects, or Testsets. The default option is "All".

Additional Options