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Standup Dashboard Report


This feature is available in all editions.



The Standup Dashboard report shows a high-level view of a team's progress through it's sprint workload. The dashboard gives a snapshot view of the following reports: Burndown, Cumulative Flow by Status, and Storyboard for the selected portfolio item.

Use this report to help facilitate daily status meetings.


Viewing the Standup Dashboard Report

  1. From the Iteration Tracking (or Sprint Tracking) menu, select Storyboard, Taskboard, or Testboard.

  2. Click Standup Dashboard in the Reports menu (top right corner of the page).

  • By default, the Cumulative Flow Report is limited to the selected sprint/iteration and the date bounds are set by the sprint/iteration. To change the date, click the Configure button, enter the number of Previous Days, select Show Closed Workitems (optional), and then click Go. Note that the Period determines the frequency of data points to show within the sprint.

You can also access the Workitem Cycle Time report from the dashboard. Click on the Workitem Cycle Time button, enter the time period to show on this report, and then click Go.

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