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Portfolio Item Bubble Chart Report


This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The Portfolio Item Bubble Chart separates portfolio items by cost, value, risk, and assessed priority. It can be focused on any portfolio item type within the selected project so you can compare top-level business initiatives or lower-level features.

Use this chart to identify the portfolio items (or development efforts) that provide the most value to the business.


Accessing this Report

  1. On the main menu, select:

    • Reports > Portfolio Item Bubble Chart (in the Executive Reports section), or

    • Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban > Portfolio Item Bubble Chart (from Reports drop-down menu)

  2. Enter the report filter criteria in the appropriate fields.

    • If you want to customize the X and Y axis, Color, or Size, click the Configure Dimensions button, and then enter your dimensions.

  3. Click the Go button.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Portfolio Item: Shows work items in the selected portfolio item and all of it's children. The default option is "Blank" and shows all work items.
  • Strategic Theme: Allows you to narrow the report to focus on the items that support a given strategic theme.
  • Portfolio Item Type: Shows data for the selected Portfolio Item Type (Intiative, Feature, etc.) within the current project.

Technical Details

  • The size of the bubbles are proportional to the portfolio item's Swag. portfolio items with no Swag are shown as fixed size squares.

  • The bubble colors represent your organizations customized priority colors, including custom fields, list types, dates, and numbers. 

  • Note that filter options persist throughout the application and are specific to each user.

Additional Options