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Does VersionOne Support Pair Programming?

This feature is available in all editions.



We practice pair programming. How do we represent that in the system?


Yes. VersionOne allows you to assign multiple owners to any asset the system. To represent pair programming, simply assign two owners to an item. Each team member can record their time against the task and, together, keep the remaining To Do estimate updated.

To learn more, see:

Assigning Different Hours to Members Working on the Same Task

If you need to assign different hours to each person on a task, you no longer have a the same task being worked equally by multiple owners. Therefore, you will need to create separate tasks to reflect the individual estimates for each person.  

Organizations that do everything in pairs have the option of using pair hours (e.g. 8 pair hours represents 8 hours to be spent by each of the two members) for everything they do. Those that mix paired and individual tasks in their projects will want to represent estimates for pair work as the total number of hours (e.g. 2 people working 8 hours each is 16 hours of estimate).