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How can I find out if we're on track to deliver everything in a sprint?

This feature is available in all editions.



The best way to see the progress of a sprint/iteration is on the Sprint/Iteration Dashboard report. The Sprint Dashboard report shows a set of graphs specific to a sprint, complete with a work burndown, work and scope trends, acceptance test progress, and member load information.

Additional Options

You can also see see sprint progress here:

  • Burndown Report 
    The Burndown report is the cornerstone of sprint progress reporting and displays a trend of the completed (if tracked) and remaining work for the team within a sprint/iteration. The trend line should move from the upper left to the lower right of the graph. A slope that hits zero by the end of a sprint/iteration indicates the team is on track to complete everything on time.

  • Sprint Summary Section of the My Work Page
    Quick status views of a sprint are also visible in the progress bars displayed the in Sprint Summary section of the My Work page. Sprint progress bars provide a quick status, showing both the around of work completed vs. remaining and the current timeline within a sprint/iteration.