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How do I add a sprint/iteration to a sub/child project?

Our project tree contains three sub/child projects below the All Projects (System). When I try to add a sprint/iteration to the lowest level project, the sprints are also added to the other child projects as well. How do I add a sprint/iteration to just that one sub/child project?


This can occur if all three child projects use the same sprint schedule.

You can assign a unique sprint schedule for any project within the project tree. The project schedule setting can be changed under certain conditions and will un-assign any open items scheduled in a sprint/iteration. You can make this change by editing the Sprint Schedule assigned to the project in the Project details.

Editing and removing a project's sprint schedule requires the following:

  • You must have sufficient Project Administration rights to access the project

  • The project cannot have any closed backlog items, defects or portfolio items scheduled in a sprint/iteration. To verify this, check the following page.

    • Product Planning > Backlog

  • The project cannot have any closed retrospectives in the sprints being changed.