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How do I change the date or person when updating "Done"?


Is there a way to change the date or person when you are updating "Done" time on a task, test or feature? I always forget to enter time and need to be able to go in the next day and enter time for the previous day.


To change the date or member on an effort entry, you can customize the Detail Tracking grid by replacing the default Effort column with either of the columns listed below:

  • Effort (by Owner) - allows you to enter time and attribute it to the owner

  • Effort (Date & Member) - allows you to select both the person to attribute the time and the date on which that time was worked

For instructions on how to add these columns to the grid, refer to Display or Hide Columns.

Be sure to replace the default Effort field so that you have only one Effort column showing at any one time for a page.

The default Effort field allocates effort to the logged in member.