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Is there a way to see the expected finish date of a project?


This feature is available in all editions.



Is there any way to get a graph showing an expected finishing date for an entire project? Assuming I have assigned all my stories. I was expecting the burn down graph to show something like that, (just like velocity shows planned velocity for future iterations/sprints) but the burn down line ends on the current sprint, no matter which view I choose.


Burndown charts show actual burndown up through the current period. The feature level burndown chart is driven by completion of the features themselves and does not have any direct relationship to the sprint schedule. When a feature is complete, it triggers a change in the burndown chart regardless of the sprint's status or timing.

You can use the Release Forecasting report to show a projected completion date and number of sprints. You can input the remaining estimate and velocity directly or have the system calculate it based on parameters you select.