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Need to contact our Support team?

This feature is available in all editions.


Let’s start with this...

What are your official support hours?

This is the first question new customers ask about support so we put it front and center for everyone to see. This question has a bunch of asterisks behind it because there is a legal answer (love them lawyers) and “what really happens” answer...

Contractually, our support team is available Monday-Friday, 6am to 7pm EST (with the few exceptions on US Holidays). In reality, someone is ALWAYS watching out for critical issues 24/7.  If you hit a “critical” issue, we have systems in place for you to get help.

Critical issues are defined as “system down” type issues and not, “I cannot print this report”.

Expected Response Times

Our Support Team operates on the basic principal that all our customers are the most important people in the world. In general, and during business hours, you can expect to receive a first reply to your Normal priority ticket within 8 hours. The chart below will show what your expected first reply time will be.


Response Time
Critical - P1 1 hour - when logging a Critical Down ticket either via phone, voice mail, Support Portal, or email, an automatic notification is generated to the on-call Support Tech of which they will respond to within an hour.
Normal/Major - P2 8 business hours - If a ticket comes in during non-business hours, then the response time may be delayed. If a normal priority issue escalates into a critical issue, then please follow the instructions above to escalate the ticket to a Critical Down.
Minor - P3 24 business hours
Low - P4 5 days - You can usually expect a reply to a Low priority ticket within 1 business day, but circumstances may delay a reply up to a maximum of 5 days.

All tickets are different. We do not want to post an ETA on a resolution because who knows what the resolution will take before we actually dig into the ticket. Normally the support tech will let you know about how long a ticket might take to resolve, but that ETA is just a guess at an early stage. We might run into a bigger issue, assign a defect, or find bigger issues while troubleshooting the issue. If you want to know an ETA on ticket resolution, please discuss that with the support tech that is assigned to your ticket. If you wish to escalate the issue, please follow the procedures at the bottom of this page.

Logging a Critical Down Issue

If your production use of the Agility program is stopped or so severely impacted that you cannot reasonably continue work or you experience a complete loss of service, please reply to the "Request Received" email with the words "Critical Down" in the body of the message and we will respond accordingly. You can also tag a ticket as Critical Down in the support portal (see below).

You may also access our customer support platform which can be accessed at: In order to fully take advantage of the features this platform has to offer, please sign up at -

If at any time you feel we are not meeting your expectations, please send a note to explaining the issues.

For On-Demand Customers...

For customers with an On-Demand (V1 Hosted) instance, our automated tools and actual “real people” monitor the status on a 24/7 basis.  Lots of activities happen behind the scene to keep your instance of Lifecycle running when YOU need it.  In most cases, we know about an issue before you do.

How can I get self help?

The Agility Community Site is available 24/7. There, you can get answers to your common questions, watch videos, and read in-depth online Help articles on various product topics.

How do I contact a real person?

As you can probably imagine, there are several ways to get help, and thankfully none of them involve using a fax machine, beepers or a rotary phone.

Submit a Ticket

At our Customer Support Portal, you can submit new support tickets, update existing tickets, and view the status of any other open tickets you may have with us.  Additionally, the Customer Support Portal has a nifty (and free) screen capture tool so you can create a short video of your problem, and automatically attach it to your ticket.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and being able to see a recording of the problem in question will make diagnosing and resolving the problem all that much easier and faster.


If submitting a ticket on our Customer Support Portal isn't your thing, you can always reach us by email at .  Emails automatically generate a new support ticket, and we'll send an auto-reply to you with your new ticket number.

Ok, I've asked for help, what happens next?

After you've submitted your support issue, you should receive an immediate reply back from us stating that we received your request and will respond within one business day.

From there, we prioritize the requests based on priority and “last one in, first out”.  If after reading the ticket initially, we may reach back out to you for further clarification or have your perform some initial troubleshooting steps.  We may even, don’t be shocked here, CALL you back if the issue is so deep that emails back-and-forth would be wasting your time.

On occasion, we may need to get our fabulous development team involved to take a super-deep dive into the problem.  The support team always has a “developer-on-call” who will alongside the support team to help with complex issues.

Other Common Questions:

Q: How many versions do you support?

A: Our current policy is to support the current major version (released quarterly) along with the two previous major releases.  If you are on a release that is older than the stated policy, we will continue to assist you with any “How To” support related questions, but we will not provide any maintenance updates to versions outside of our supported versions and we may request that you upgrade to reach the best resolution.

Q: I have Team Edition. What are my Support Options?

A: Team Edition is our free offering of V1 Agility and so it does not come with a support contract. You can find support for Team Edition on the Community website and through our public Google Groups forum. You may log a ticket with support, but please note that Team Edition issues will be treated as a Low priority ticket.

Q: My ticket is taking too long to resolve and/or has become a MAJOR issue. I wish to escalate this ticket!

A: You may escalate a ticket by requesting escalation through your assigned support tech. We will then take the appropriate steps to notify the escalation team and raise the priority on a ticket. You may also send an email to and the entire management structure within will be notified. You will receive an immediate reply from someone on the management team.