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Troubleshooting Excel File Import Errors

During the data import process, the system checks the Microsoft® Excel import file to make sure it does not contain any errors. If so, a descriptive error message displays to let you know what needs to be fixed. Here are some common import errors: Error Message Cause Missing data for a required field Required fields for a default configuration are indicated in the template. If your system has been customized, additional fields may be required Multiple assets are found for an asset reference If your import references an existing asset and another asset of the same type has the same name, the import will fail. If you have a story named "Administration" in both Project A and Project B, you must specify "Project A\Administration" in your Excel file for the reference to be unique. If the multiple assets found error references the Backlog Group, then look in the Parent column and add the project to the Feature Group value. It should look like this: projectname\featuregroup Invalid values for select (list value) options Values for select options, such as Status and Priority, must exist in the system to be valid for import. Check Administration > List Types for correct values for your system. No data to import is found If your excel spreadsheet is formatted incorrectly, the import may fail. Start by downloading one of the import templates to ensure correct formatting. Copy your data into the template Refer to Excel Import for information about formatting your data for import.