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What's the difference between Teams, TeamRooms, and Member Groups?

This feature is available in all editions.



Lifecycle offers several tools to help you organize and support the work of teams and team members. Understanding how and when to use these tools can help you be a more effective Agile user.

Use Teams for Planning

The Teams feature is a planning tool that allows teams to work independently of each other yet collectively work to deliver one backlog. 

  • To learn more, visit Teams.

Use TeamRooms™ for Tracking

TeamRooms provide an easily accessible, user-friendly interface for team members to track and collaborate around work within the sprint.

Use Member Groups for Reporting

For reporting purposes, Member Groups allow you to aggregate the activities of different members who work across different projects in VersionOne.

For example, creating a member group for DBAs allows you to run effort reports, burndowns, etc. for all of DBAs who are working across multiple projects. With a DBA member group, you can then use the Member Planning and Member Tracking pages (under Sprint Planning and Sprint Tracking) to view work that has been assigned to the group. You can also use the Member Group Dashboard report to view their burndown, current load, and work effort over time.