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What does "Security Settings are Preventing Access to ScopeLabel.Scopes" mean?


I received this error message when I try to add a project to a program: 

"VersionOne Security Restriction: Security settings are preventing your access to ScopeLabel.Scopes."

I am a member of that project. What security level do I need to have?


You received this error message because your Admin Privileges role is set to administrator-level access, but your project role is not.

How to Fix It

For the project you are trying to add to the program, your project role needs to be changed to "Project Administrator" or "System Administrator".

1. First, follow these steps to check to check your project role:

  • Select your name in the Utility bar, and then select Member Details.

  • Click on the Project Membership link. Your current roles display in the Project Role column. Note that you can't change your own project roles, but another member with administrator-level access on the project can change it for you.

2. Then, ask your VersionOne administrator to change your role on the project in question.