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Why are the Edit links grayed out?

What's happening

The Edit link on an item isn't active (is grayed out) even though I am the owner of the item.

How to fix it

There are two possible reasons for an item not being editable. To figure out which reason, ask: "Is it ALL or just SOME of the items you can't edit?". If the answer is:




You cannot edit any items in the project

The project role assigned to you for the project does not grant permissions to edit items

Ask your project administrator to change your role to one with a higher level of access. Refer to Roles & Project Membership for more information.

You can edit some items, but not all

The item you are trying to edit is closed or the sprint that the item was part of is closed.

Re-open the items you'd like to edit or re-open the sprint they were part of.