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Why is the Cumulative Flow report chart in the Standup Dashboard different?


Previously, the Standup Dashboard showed the Cumulative Flow by status as a bar chart. But since we upgraded, it does not. Is there a way to change the chart to display as a bar graph for a particular project?


No. The Cumulative Flow chart changed in the in the Spring 2012 Release (See Fixed - Cumulative Flow on Standup Dashboard should use duration as true duration instead of period). With this change, the behavior of the Duration field in the chart in the Standup Dashboard was changed to match the behavior of the Duration field on the Cumulative Flow report. Previously, where the chart stopped on the current day, it now extends the chart's x-axis to include the full date range specified by the settings. Because of this change, the look of the chart changed as well. There is no way to revert back to the previous format.