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Understanding Agility System Assets

A System Asset is a core business object in the Agility model. Each asset represents the stories/backlog items, defects, sprints/iterations, and the members who use the system. The diagram below illustrates the relationship of these assets to one another and how they work together to help you manage your workflow.

Asset Diagram


Refer to the related articles below for more details about each asset.

Asset Descriptions

Acceptance Test

An Acceptance Test (also called a Test) is a system asset that defines acceptance criteria to ensure that a story/backlog item or defect fix works as defined.

Backlog Goal/Objective

A Backlog Goal/Objective is a system asset that contains groups of stories/backlog items that drive the direction of the project team.

Backlog Group

A Backlog Group is a system asset that allows you to group similar items that can span projects and sprints/iterations (e.g., security, reporting, integration, user interface, payment processing).

Prior to the Winter 2015 release, Backlog Groups were called were called Themes or Feature Groups.


A Budget is a system asset that can be allocated across strategic themes so spending guidelines can be aligned with strategic priorities. 


A Community is a system asset that allows organizations to create a secure, centralized place where team members can collect and share knowledge. 


A Conversation is a system asset that allows team members, stakeholders, and others to actively collaborate about anything related to a work item.


A Defect is a system asset that identifies discrepancies between the expected and actual behavior of a completed feature. Defects can be scheduled into sprints/iterations the same way stories/backlog items are or, they can be tracked as a separate work queue outside of a sprint. 

Defect Template  

A Defect Template is an asset that contains pre-defined defect data. It can be reused in cases where you routinely create the same types defects or if you want to create several at once.


An Environment is a system asset that defines the technical setup used for running tests, such as operating system, client, database, etc.


An Idea is a system asset that contains feature suggestions or process improvement requests submitted through the Ideas add-on application. Teams can manage Ideas in the Agility Enterprise edition, and incorporate them into their product lifecycle if desired.


An Issue is a system asset used to highlight items that require project-wide visibility. Issues can represent anything impeding the project team's delivery.


The Member system asset represents a user in the system. It contains member profile, login, system access information. To learn more, see Member Administration.

Portfolio Item

The Portfolio Item (previously called an Epic) system asset is a high-level feature or initiative that has business value. During planning activities, a portfolio item can be further broken down into individual stories for scheduling and tracking.


A Project is a system asset that represents a release, a sprint/iteration, a program, and a program increment at any level of the organizational hierarchy.


A Program is a system asset that contains a collection of cross-hierarchical projects that can span the project hierarchy and is used for filtering and rollup reporting.


A Request is a system asset that was submitted from an external source to consider extending or enhancing the functionality of a system. Typically, Requests need to be kept separate from real Stories until reviewed and approved for the team to consider.


A Retrospective is a system asset that captures important details discussed in retrospective meetings, such as agendas, discussion notes, and areas for improvement.

Regression Test

A Regression Test is a system asset that serves as a template for testing an existing feature on a repeated basis after it has been delivered. This ensures that new feature development has not broken the previous functionality. Also see the Regression Planning asset model diagram.

Regression Plan

A Regression Plan is a system asset that contains a coordinated set of testing activities focused on ensuring that existing functionality still works properly. A regression plan contains multiple regression suites.

Regression Suite

A Regression Suite is a system asset that contains a set of related Regression Tests that, together, ensure that the feature is properly working within a given aspect of a system.


A Roadmap is a system asset that represents a high level plan used to communicate direction of a product, suite, organization or company.


A Sprint/Iteration is a system asset that represents a series of short, incremental delivery cycles (typically 1- 6 weeks). Backlog may be scheduled to Iteration so the team can work on them.

Sprint Schedule

A Sprint Schedule is a system asset that contains sequential collection of sprints assigned to one or more projects/releases. The Sprint Schedule may be created for each project/release in the tree or the schedule can be inherited from a project at a higher level in the project tree.

Strategic Theme

A Strategic Theme is an asset in the Portfolio Tree that supports top-tier strategic planning activities at the company and/or organizational level.

Story/Backlog Item

A Story/Backlog Item is a system asset that generally represents a requirement, feature, or unit of business value that can be estimated and tested, but may also encompass non-functional requirements and defects.

Story/Backlog Item Template

 A story template is an asset that contains pre-defined story data. It can be reused if you routinely create the same types stories or if you want to create several at once.

Allows for quick creation of standard backlog items by pre-filling specific fields as well as tasks and tests. Create new backlog items from a template using the Add New dropdown in the Sidebar (formerly called the Asset Tray) or use add tasks or tests from a template to a backlog item using the Plan Backlog Item view.


A Task is a system asset that can be used to break down a story into manageable units to be worked by the development team.


A Team is a system asset that contains a group of cross-functional members who work together within a project to deliver a set of features.

Test Set

A Test Set is a system asset that contains a set of acceptance tests that match the Regression Tests in a Regression Suite.


A Topic is a system asset that contains article content within a Community.