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I have been assigned to a project/release, but why can't I see it?

This feature is available in all editions.



You have been added to a project, but it does not show up in your project tree.


The project may not display because the project and admin privileges role(s) assigned to you are not properly aligned. Refer the the table below for possible causes and solutions.


Likely Cause


The member can't edit anything within the project.

The member's project role is set to a role a read-only role.

Change the member's Project Role to one that has editing capabilities.

The user can't edit sprints.

The project role at the project level, where the schedule is defined, does not have a sufficient level of permissions. To edit a sprint/iteration, the member must have "Project Lead" or above access as their Admin Privileges role, because schedules are separate from the projects.

Change the member's Admin Privileges role to "Project Lead" or above.

Note: In previous versions, "Administrative Privileges" was called "Default Role"

I'm a System Administrator, but can't see the root system-level project.

Access has not been granted to you at the system level. Access to specific project levels in the hierarchy must be granted. The original Admin account that ships with the system will have access to the System level within the hierarchy.

Assign the member to the project, and then change their Project Role based on the permissions they require for that project.

I have access to one project, but can't see a child project that I know exists because others are able to view it.

The "No Access" project role has been assigned to you at a lower level and is preventing you from accessing the project.

Change your Project Role to one with sufficient permissions for the tasks you will be performing on the project. Note that your role may be different on each project.