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Selecting Data Using the Context Navigator

This feature is available in all editions.


This control is referred to by many names:  Planning Level Selector, Project Selector, or Project Navigator.  For this document we have chosen to use the term Context Navigator to represent the control and and Planning Level to represent the nodes in the hierarchy.  Both of these terms are generic and describe the concepts regardless of the terms used in a specific instance (Products, Projects, or something else).


Context Navigator is used to select Planning Level(s) containing data for grids, boards, visualizations, and reports in the main Agility application.  This control does not determine what data is considered for TeamRooms or PlanningRooms.

From the Context Navigator, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Select a Planning Level (product/release/project)

  • Apply filters to focus on a subset of Levels in a selected Planning Level

  • View the entire Planning Level hierarchy

To learn how to create, edit, close, or delete a Planning Level see, Planning Level Administration.


Using Context Navigator

Planning Levels in Agility are organized hierarchically and by default data rolls-up through the hierarchy.  Context Navigator is a flexible control that allows you to navigate this hierarchy and select the Planning Level(s) containing the information you wish to see. 

To access Context Navigator, click on the control located in the top left of most pages.

The Context Navigator displays on most pages the application. When closed, this control displays the selected node and any filters that have been applied.  Click on the Context Navigator to search for a Planning Level, select a recent context, or select a new context.  When you change context, you remain on the same page and the data is refreshed for the selected context.

The Tree Tab

To view the Planning Levels available to you, open the Context Navigator and click the Tree tab (the tab on the right).  The Tree tab is divided into two sections: the Hierarchy and Filters.

The Hierarchy

On the left side of the Tree tab is a hierarchical view of the Planning Level(s) available to you. To select a specific level, expand the tree and click on the name of the node you want to view.  Once selected, the tree highlights the complete context being considered.  If you need to narrow your results further, you can use any of the Filters available on the right side of the Tree tab.

The Filters

On the right side of the Tree tab are Filters that can be used to reduce the node begin considered when returning data. 

  • Single View
    Limit the context to the selected Planning Level only. Child nodes are not included.

  • Include Closed
    Expand the context to include data from all closed Planning Level below the selected node.  Closed Planning Levels outside of the selected branch are not considered.

  • Program
    Programs are a way to group planning levels independent of the hierarchy.   Selecting a Program Filter limits the context to Planning Levels below the selected node to those assigned to the selected Program.

  • Schedule/Cadence
    Limit the context to Planning Levels that share the selected Schedule/Cadence.​​

The Recent Tab

To view recently selected contexts, or to search for a Planning Level by name, open the Context Navigator and then click the Recent tab. 

Recent Selections


At the top of the Recent is a Search box that allows you to locate Planning Levels by name.  Below the Search box is a list of recently selected context (Planning Level plus any filters applied).  This enables quick navigate between commonly used contexts.

How to Select a Planning Level

To select a Planning Level in the Context Navigator, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Context Navigator control in the top left of any page.

    Context Navigator

  2. When the Context Navigator window opens, choose one of the following:

    • Click on the Recent tab to Search for a Planning Level or choose from the list of recently used contexts

      Recent Selections

    • Click on the Tree tab to view the full hierarchy and filters

  3. Select the desired Planning Level and choose any filter(s) to further reduce the context

  4. Click Apply.

What is the "System (All Projects)" Project?

The "System (All Projects)" project sits at the top level of the project tree and was automatically created when Agility was set up. We recommend that you create all of your projects/child projects underneath it to retain the flexibility to scale the project tree in the future. To learn more, see Understanding System (All Projects).