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Using Advanced Search

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



The Advanced Search feature is useful if you want to:

You can also filter and sort the search results, and then drill down into further details.


Accessing Advanced Search

  1. Place your cursor in the quick search box, and then press Enter. You can also click on the magnifying glass next to the search field.

  2. When the Advanced Search page opens, type a word in the field, and then click the Search button. The list of matching items display.

Additional Options

When the list of matching items displays, you can:

  • Change the sort order. Click on a column header to change the sort order. By default, search results are sorted by the items most recently changed.

  • View results by asset type. Click on a tab to filter the list by asset type.

  • View item details. Click on an item to open the details page. 

Note that Advanced Search does not include results from Conversations.