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Sprint/timebox “enddate” attribute is always one day after the last day we set for the Sprint


Q. We've set the Sprint/Iteration end date to be 6/6/2018, however when using the API to query the Sprint details, the end date shows next day (6/7/2018). Why is this?


 Example API query -

        <Attribute name="EndDate">2018-06-07</Attribute>

        <Attribute name="BeginDate">2018-05-17</Attribute>

        <Attribute name="Description" />

        <Attribute name="Name">Sprint 39 - 6/6/2018</Attribute>

        <Attribute name="AssetState">64</Attribute>

        <Attribute name="Schedule.Name">New Customer Sprint Schedule</Attribute>


A. In the VersionOne UI, the end date is 1 day less then what the API Query returns. Why? Because The begin date starts at 12:00:00 a.m. xx-xx-xxxx and the end date ends 11:59:59 p.m. mm-mm-mmmm. This end time is 1 second less than the time indicated in the API query because it does not include the 12:00:00 which goes into the next day (which is the end date returned in query). Using interval notation, the interval [mm-dd-yyyy:12:00:00, mm1-dd1-yyyy1:12:00:00) is what's reflected UI.