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Using Filters in VersionOne


You can use filters to narrow or expand the list of items displayed in a page. This allows you to get rid of the stuff you don't want to see so you can focus on what's important.

Filtering on a grid in VersionOne

What You Can Do with Filters

In both grid and board views, you can:

  • Select multiple values

  • Quickly add any available field and include multiple values for each field

  • Filter by more than one Owner, Team, or even Priority

  • Filter checkboxes, dates, and numbers

  • In number fields, use LESS THAN and GREATER THAN

  • In date fields, use BEFORE and AFTER, in addition to IS

  • Press the Enter key while typing in the Find filter field

  • Use the CTRL+SHIFT+F keyboard shortcut to invoke the filter options

Any filters apply at the top level of the project hierarchy. Filters that have been applied to the current view also display in the tree grids.

Do you regularly re-select filters and customize grids for multiple purposes? If so, try setting up My Views to easily switch between different views.


The enhanced filter feature was introduced in the Spring 2017 VersionOne release (17.1). Older versions of VersionOne do not include this feature.